Wednesday 20 March 2024

New T shirts in Stock

There's been lots of activity as Boswellian Towers print room. We've  transitioned onto using Earth Positive, Climate Neutral T-shirts and along with our water-based, eco-friendly, soil association approved inks these are  our environmentally friendly garments yet !

You can check out our designs on the online shop here :

Thursday 16 November 2023

 Krampus decorations now available ...Creepy festive fun for all...

Get yours here :

Thursday 9 November 2023

 Krampus card packs are here:

 I have designed this year's Krampus cards and this year it's a digitally cut /shaped version . The packs have three cards, 3 gift tags, and one vinyl sticker. The Krampus I have drawn is a more mischievous and primitive-looking Krampus influenced by more hand-made early Austrian masks made from wood.

Tuesday 8 August 2023

The Froome T shirt


 I have made this eye-popping Froome T-shirt design using the correct pronunciation of the Somerset town Frome , the design is replete with my Penny Lizards and a Frome creature feature ( some carved stone work from one of the towns buildings.The ink is eco friendly water based ink on a 100% cotton black T shirt. You can order yours here :


Wednesday 1 March 2023

New Weird art available in the shop.

 Not posted on the blog for a while so about time I did, Life has been quite consuming of late with lots of dull issues like car trouble and such. Anyway been plowing on through and keep creating weird art most of the time. The online shop has some new cool products and merch to check out so take a look here I've made the above "Cat Demon" available for purchase as well as other stuff like new prints, t-shirts, and originals.

As well as updating the shop I've been getting work published in various titles such as Dystopian Chronicles 100 page spectacular, a very raw and intense comic published by Gore Bore press and featuring legendary underground cartoonists such as Savage Pencil, Mike Diana and Jason Atomic, the cover for the above comic was by Jason and is a killer. If you want copy contact the publisher, artist/ and writer Frater Walpurgis here:

I've also got a couple of internal illos in the latest issue of Occult Detective Magazine, a publication I've had work in for most if not all issues and is currently at #9. For fans of weird fiction and Occult Detective stories if you want copy check it out here : 

or in the US here :

That's it for now, there are loads more work and publications on the horizon so keep yer peepers peeled for more Boswellian weirdness soon.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

The Jackdaw King.

I made this piece for the Living Art Show in Oakland California it has flown its merry away across the Atlantic now and will be on show at Warehouse 416 in Oakland from May 7th. The original is pretty large around 30 X 56 cm approx and was made using black acrylic ink on heavy 300 gsm Fabriano paper. I decided to make a small run of 25 A3 prints which are available now on my online store here:


Sunday 17 April 2022

New Blue Mutant Germs Hoodies available now


Hand printed using Soil Association Approved water-based eye-popping blue ink, on 100% Cotton heavy hoodie. Has the circular "Blue Mutant Germs " on the back and the classic 'Penny Liard" design on the fornt left chest. I am taking pre -orders now go here for orders :

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