Wednesday 22 April 2020

New Print and new pieces

I've been getting into using inks and trying out quickish studies. Enjoying night time moonlit atmospheric scenes...The Spring Bat piece was born from seeing a small bat flit across a tree full of blossom and the moon shining through the branches, it was like a snap shot scene that all just came together in a moment and felt a strong urge to re create it on paper. I have A4 prints available of this piece in an edition of 25 signed and numbered for £25 each +P+P (in the UK) please Paypal : or email me at for more info.

The next piece was born from looking at ruins of broken iron works that area feature of the landscape here in near Frome in Somerset , the Old Fussels Iron Works runs along the river near Mells and has been take over by nature to create a kind of semi tropical  ruins in a jungle kind of atmosphere, in the summer anyway when the trees are thick with moss ( more of this later)
This study is more fanciful with spectral tendrils emanating from the ruin.
 No plans for a print run of this one unless demand calls for it but I have the original piece available for purchase at £120 , paypal or msg for more info.
My love of pylons rears its head here in this illustration I liked the idea of a spectre winding its ethereal self around the pylon and creating sparks.

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