Self trained artist and illustrator creating Weirdo drawings ,freaked out creatures from another world ,sculptural mutations , wall scrawlings from the depths of the farm .Influenced by nature, the supernatural , weird literature ,primitive musics , lost technologies and the human Psyche.

Emerging from Rural Somerset Boswell presents us with a mixed up twisted world where the likes of freakish anthropomorphic creatures stalk apocalyptic landscapes co-existing with lost and obsolete technologies, which have mutated and taken on a new life. Boswell’s weird and wonderful visions are fuelled by a powerful imagination, a soup of the mind whose ingredients range from a childhood brought up on comics, old horror movies, sci-fi, northern European fairy tales, weird 1970 s kids T.V, and Punk Rock to name but a few of the influences.

After getting into Graffiti in the 80s through discovering the seminal book Subway Art like so many others of his generation, Boswell’s art found a new means of expression on walls. In some ways the antithesis of more bubbly traditional Graffiti forms Boswell’s work dwells in a twilight world, an edgier and atmospheric domain. The eternal outsider Boswell pushes the boundaries of the art form creating a fantastical and sometimes unnerving universe of mutated possibilities.

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