Sunday 13 December 2015

A selection of Lino Cut Prints

I have limited selection of professionally mounted lino cut prints for sale . All are slightly different as they are printed on a variety of surfaces including pages from the Financial Times and sheet music . Prices range from £10 -£25 . If interested please message me for more info .


Kyla said...

Was lucky enough to get a Christmas card with Krampus on from your collection this year....sits proudly on my shelf until I can find a frame for it.

Some fabulous art on your page


boz said...

Hey apologies for taking so long to respond to your comment anyway , glad you got a Krampus card , I wonder where that came from ....always interesting to me to find out where the art ends up.Glad you like the art ...please keep looking as a lot going on this year ....cheers Boswell

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