Tuesday 28 April 2009

Stokes Croft weekend Mission

Irish Wolfhound in Stokes Croft

Jody & a Warp

Vermin and me painted two pieces this weekend in Stokes Croft in Bristol,one on the main drag and one behind it Joined by Jody who did a crazy werewolf style character.Werewolves seeming to be a running theme of the weekend.


Acerone said...

...and its not even halloween...
Awesome stuff guys - great to see the collaborations in full effect. Roll on summer!

Andy Council said...

Great stuff, going to check the one with Jody tomorrow when on foot that way. Like mister Acer said, roll on the summer. I hope to find some time to paint myself.

Reese said...

Hi, can you tell me where the WARP graffiti is on Stokes Croft ? Mail me on Reese_101@hotmail.com or leave the location on here.

Its amazing !

Thanks, Reese.

BOSWELL said...

Reese its in Armada Avenue opposite flats near Ninetree Hill :round the back of the Croft basically ...good luck and cheers.

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